There oughta be music.

What? Why?

Sometimes, I create original music tracks for my videos and sometimes people ask for a clean version. So, here you can get versions you can listen to.

For your convenience I upload the songs via to most common streaming services on top of offering mp3 files to simply download. Please note, that while I offer these for free and usually allow reuse of my work, I do not allow reuse by default. See licencing info below.


At the moment, there is only one song from my video about the Wooden Game Boy.

Title Description Links
The Wooden Game Boy Based on “Korobeiniki”, the Russian folk song known as the “Tetris” theme. Used in Making a Wooden Game Boy spotify / amazon / apple / youtube / deezer / download mp3

Note, that songs from newer videos may take a month or two before I add them here. The reason is that I do not ever expect to see a cent of revenue for my music and hence use a free service to add them to streaming services, which simply takes months to complete.

Licence / Using my music

Usually, I apply licences to my work that allow reuse, but in this case it is a bit trickier. The reason that I take the time to create music tracks for my videos is not that I ever expect any revenue from streaming services, but to make them unique by not using free stock music that you might already know from other videos and by introducing recurring themes. Therefore, I allow anyone to listen to the music for free and use it for personal projects (i.e. vacation videos for your family and friends - not Youtube), but not for commercial and/or public stuff.

In principle, I am not opposed to someone using my tracks in commercial and/or public projects (including Youtube), but I want to make sure that it is attributed to me (or my channel) in a visible way. If there are several retro gaming videos using my Tetris remix and only mention my channel as source in the video description, then nobody will see the connection and my own use of the track becomes just another video with the same song and the recurring themes become associated with other videos. If you give proper credit (for example with an on-screen note while the song is playing or as a shoutout at the end of the video) the song remains associated with my channel and I will happily support that use case.

So, bottom line and tl;dr:

If you want to use the music in a public context (like a Youtube video) get in touch with me and I will allow it if I agree with how you attribute the song to me or my channel.